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kumpulan soal ujian secapa polri : 01. Bahasa Inggris

1. Yanuar : I can't reach the books on the shelf......... please !
Rendra : Of course
A. would you open the door C. could you bring the chair/take the chair
B. can you sit down D. will you go now
2. Izmul : ......., I don't bring my pen
Teacher : Oh sure, here it is
A. can I your pen C. please, lend me your pen
B. may I borrow your pen D. could you borrow your pen,please
3. Anita : Next Sunday .........
Rezky : I'd love too. Thanks
A. why don't you come C. come on, let's go there
B. would you mind coming D. come, I offer you to come there
4. The boy is sleeping. ...... please.
A. be polite C. don't make noise= jgn ribut
B. speak louder D. don't nervous
5. Teacher wanted to write on the blackboard but the board was dirty. So he said to the students ...............
A. sweep (menyapu) the board, please C. brush (sikat) the board, please
B. clean (mbersihkn) the board, please D. polish (semir) the board , please

6. You want someone to help you. So you will say .........
A. I want you to help me, can you? please
B. I want you mind helping me please
C. I think you have to help me
D. I know I' causing you trouble
7. We don't know ...... it is black or navy blue
A. when B. if C. whether D. what ever
8. Thus is the place ..... the accident took place
A. why B. when C. where D. who
9. There is no need to rush ...... there’s still a lot of time"
A. while B. before C. since D. as long as
10. ....... It rained hard, he went out. he went out when (ketika) it rained hard.
A. but B. though C. when D. if
11. I will never sign the contract ....... It is really promising
A. provided B. yet C. but D. unless
12. I wanted to become a teacher....... I was six years old.
A. for B. since = sejak C. yet D. unless
13. ....... I spoke (V2 speak) ,all my friends always pay close attention to me
A. what B. whenever =kpnpunC. why D. which
14. Write clearly ..... people will understand our composition(karangan).
A. when B. so that = sehinggaC. for D. why
15. You have written this composition ...... you speak English
A. when B. while C. as D. as well as
16. Jimmy always spends money ...... he were a millionaire. (conditional sentence)
A. as long as B. if C. as D. as if
17. I want to finish my study ..... the new year comes
A. before B. if C. where D. whenever
18. She is always very busy. She often studies ....... She is in the kitchen
A. before B. while C. where D. whatever
19. ......... he didn't study hard , he passed the examination
A. as if B. unless C. because D. eventhough
20. He has taught (V1 teach) those girls for six years ...... they can't speak it
A. and B. but C. or D. yet
21. I don't know ...... book it is
A. which B. whose C. when D. where
22. The meeting was postponed ....... the director didn't come
A. so that B. why C. when D. because.
23. My father let me go to New York ...... I will not stay long there.
A. while B. for C. so that D. but
24. I wonder ..... he went out without asking for permission.
A. who B. where C. why D. when
25. You have disobeyed me, ..... I will not help you again.
A. so B. but C. yet D. and
26. Mother : Go to shop, Rudi I need sugar.
Rudi : Right Mom, I'll buy some.
From the dialogue above we know that the sugar Rudi bought was .....
A. One kg C. Very much
B. Not said how much D. Only a little
27. X : There is a football game at the Senayan.
Y : I see. Are you going to watch it ?
X : Of course. I am.
Y : Hurry up then, let's go together.
There must be .... people to sec the game.
A. A little of C. A great deal of
B. A large amount of D. A lot of
28. Indonesian lies along the equator. This is a reason why it's climate is tropical. Indonesian has two season the dry season and the wet season. The word "season" means .....
A. The time when it rains. C. The temperature is hot
B. The part or division of the year D. The sky is dark and gloomy
29. Your name is Andy, ...........
A. aren't you ? C. isn't it ?
B. it is D. is it ?
30. On August 17, 1945 together wit Soekarno, Mohammad Hatta signed the text of independence proclamation. He was one of our proclamators. Then he was elected as ................
A. The first Vice Presiden of Republic of Indonesia.
B. The first Presiden of Republic of Indonesia.
C. The first Prime Minister of Republic of Indonesia.
D. The first Minister of cooperative of Republic of Indonesia.
31. There are two seasons in Indonesia, the dry season and the wet season.
It the dry season continue than four month, the rivers, the rice fields get dry.
From the text above we know that : ...... in the dry season.
A. It is very hot C. The temperatures is low
B. There is a lot of water D. We don't have sunlight
32. Library receivers many kinds of books, among other are : medicine, agriculture, forestry, engineering, social and polities, law economics, arithmetics, geography and language. Some can read and get a lot of the information in it. The story above tells us that ......
A. In library we can read and get a lot of information.
B. A library is something to read for information.
C. A library is a place where we can get everything.
D. There are many books to lend in a library.
33. Please never tell to anybody ........
A. will you ? B. will never any body ? C. docs he ? D. do you ?
34. Alex : Do you know that man ?
Edwin : Yes, I do. My father always comes to his shop whenever he want to repair his car. And that man can repair it well.
Alex : So, what is his name and what is he ?
Edwin : His name is Yogi and he is ............. .
A. a driver B. an ebgubear C. a manager D. Mechanic
35. Itha : Do you know Rusdy?
Ina : Yes, He is my nephew. His father is my ..... ,
Itha : I see.
A. Brother B. Cousin C. Father D. Uncle
36. Everybody works hard everyday, ..........
A. isn't he ? C. don't they ?
B. doesn't it? D. don't you ?
37. Kiki : How much sugar do you want in your tea ?
Tasya : I want ....... of sugar in it.
A. A handful C. Two kilogram
B. A pocketful D. Two spoonfuls
38. Hilda likes eating "rujak". Her mother always tells her not to eat too much "rujak" because she may get a ....
A. Headache C. toothache
B. stomachache D. backache
39. Imam wants to be good at biology. He likes to .... Any plant's life.
A. Except C. Exchange
B. Examine D. Expect
40. All parents have told to care of their children. The words take care of....
A. Looks for C. Look after
B. Look into D. Look on
41. The....of education and culture is the head of the Department of Education and Culture.
A. Minister C. Government
B. Capital D. President
42. The poor woman does not have anything now, because she has sold all her .... to support the family.
A. Collection B. Relation C. Possessions D. protection
43. The students want to go camping. They need a good .....
A. Bandage B. Lantern C. Tool D. Torch
44. The Borobudur Temple is the world's largest temple.
The ..... of this temple began in 1973.
A. Addition C. Information
B. Restoration. D. Regulation
45. Sports help us become strong and ......
A. Hearty B. Sleepy C. Healthy D. Wealthy
46. We understand why people do not like tells a lie.
To tell a lie means ....
A. Unkind C. Dishonest
B. Kindhearted D. Honest
47. Alda and her friends are in the laboratory now. They want to make an experiment. They are ..... a frog now.
A. Trying B. Examining C. Working D. Finding out
48. We held an experiment on physics two days ago. We use a microscope as ......
A. a tool B. an object C. a specimen D. a means
49. Our parents have been looking after us since we were born. They .... us very much.
A. Annoy B. Obey C. Love D. Educate
50. My mother and my father take care of me patiently and very carefully. "Take care of means .....
A. Look on C. Look after
B. Look at D. Look for
51. The .... are the throwing and jumping events : track events and field events.
Track events means ....
A. Sprinting and high jumping.
B. Relay race and hurding.
C. Long jumping and pole vaulting.
D. Discus throwing and relay race.
52. Nowadays we can communicate by using electronic instruments like …..
A. Telegraph, telephone and television.
B. Telephone, newspaper and magazine.
C. Television, books and telegraph.
D. Booklet, telephone and television
53. Ana was .... a poor mark.
A. Disappointed to get. C. Delighted to get.
B. Happy to receive. D. Glad to accept.
54. It is ..... to cross a busy street carelessly.
A. Necessary B. Important C. Possible D. Dangerous
55. There are 44 in our class, ..... them will take their examination next month.
A. All of B. Both of C. A lot D. Several
56. Farida doesn't look quite well, so she needs a scarf around her ....
A. chest B. neck C. head D. chin
57. The mountaineers lost their way in the forest, ............?
A. lost they ? C. don't they ?
B. did they ? D. didn't they ?
58. Rendra is not a stupid boy but he is very lazy. "Lazy" in the sentence means he always .....
A. Goes to school C. Forgets his homework
B. Does his homework D. Writes on the board
59. In the supermarket, we cannot bargain there. It means the things they sell have .... prices.
A. fixed B. high C. low D. good
60. There is a .... in our school. The students can borrow some books they want to read.
A. Laboratory B. Lavatory C. Bookshop D. Library
61. The .... of East Java is Surabaya.
A. Own B. Capital C. Country D. Government
62. The plants were dying because of the drought. The meaning of "drought" is ......
A. No plants C. Without water
B. Many plant D. Full of water
63. Without trees on the land .....
A. The soil will be fertile.
B. The forest will product timber.
C. There will be soil erosion.
D. The government will save the forest.
64. The lions in the forest are wild. The underlined word means .....
A. Fierce B. Tame C. Male D. Small
65. I don't like to climb up a mountain on a .... day because I can't sec anything.
A. Snowy B. Foggy. C. Sandy D. Rocky
66. A team of Indonesia and foreign experts and hundreds of Indonesian workers tried to rebuild the temple. "Experts" means ..... .
A. Person who build temples.
B. Persons who come for abroad.
C. Persons with good intelligent.
D. Persons with special knowledge.
67. Teacher : "Roy is absent today?"
Ismul : "Ho might be ill, sir"
From the sentence we know that Ismul is ..... that Roy is ill.
A. Sure B. Uncertain C. Certain D. Afraid
68. I want an eraser.
The question for the underlined word is :
A. What do you want? C. What do you want to do?
B. What do I want? D. What do I want to do?
69. Juneth : "The' sky is cloudy. The sun doesn't shine. Do you think it is going to rain?"
Helmy : "I believe so"
From the sentence we know that Helmy is .... it will rain soon.
A. Uncertain B. Certain C. Not sure D. Afraid
70. Iva : I haven't seen you for a long time .....?
Ratna : I'm fine, thank you.
A. How do you do C. How is your mother
B. How are you D. What happened to you
71. Lina : Hello Evi !
Evi : Hi, Lina. Are you busy now?
Lina : Yes, I'm preparing for my birthday party ....?
Evi : I'd love to.
A. Would you like to give me a present.
B. What will you need in your birthday party.
C. Would you like to come to my birthday party.
D. Would you mind coming to any party.
72. Ita : Can you help me, please ?
Edi : Sure. What can I do for you?
Ita : Let's carry this heavy table-over there.
Edi : I'm glad I could help you.
Ita : ……..
Edi : Not at all!
A. Thank yourself C. Thank you very much
B. You're welcome D. It was a pleasure
73. Ratna : Can't you stay a little longer here ?
Juwita : I'm sorry.....
A. I'll be waiting for you here.
B. Please come and see me, too.
C. But I hope you'll soon come again.
D. But it's time for me to leave.
74. Manager : Have you typed the letter to Mr. Hamzah ?
Secretary : ...... I completely forgot.
A. I'm sorry, Sir. C. Never mind, Sir.
B. Don't worry, Sir. D. That's all right, Sir.
75. Ria : You are the winner of the contest, aren't you ?
Eda : Yes, that's right.
Ria : .......
Eda : Thanks o lot.
A. Congratulation on your success.
B. Thank you very much.
C. I think it's very nice.
D. She is a good contestant.
76. Dila : What do you want to drink,
Rosma : Milk or tea ?
Ima : Well, I like some tea, please ?
Dila : ......?.
A. Do you want some sugar in it.
B. Do you want some sugars in it
C. Do you like any salt in it. ..
D. How much sugar do you want.
E. How do you like tea.
77. Denny : Mr. Hendra, I'd like you to come to my birthday party next Sunday.
Mr. Hendra : That's very kind of you but I'm afraid I can't. I have already made an appointment. Have a nice party !
Denny : Thank you, Sir.
The underlined words in the dialogue above is ......
A. An apology C. A leave taking
B. An invitation D. A greeting
78. Fablo : It's eight o'clock now.
I can 't .stay here any longer.
Etha : What a pity ! See you tomorrow then.
The underlined words mean .....
A. Fablo wants to live with Etha.
B. Etha wants Fablo to stay with her.
C. Fablo wants to leave Etha.
D. Etha wants to leave for school.
79. Salesgirl : Can I help you ?
Rahma : Yes, some handkerchiefs, please ?
Salesgirl : Yes, of course. Here you are.
A. May I borrow. C. Would you mind helping me
B. Could I show you. D. Could show me.
80. Mr. Kandar : Have you typed the letter to Mr. Hasan ?
Secretary : I'm sorry, sir. I completely forgot.
Mr. Kandar : Never mind. Will you do it now, please ?
Secretary : Certainly, sir. I do apologize for my absent mindlessness.
The underlined words mean that the secretary ...... to type the letter.
A. Remember B. Forgot C. Reminded D. Told
81. Mr. Junaedi : Do you like living in the city, Leo ?
Leo : ..... all right, sir.
Mr. Junaedi : You don't sound very keep, why ?
Leo : I dislike the noise and the polluted air.
The underlined words mean that ....: the noise and polluted air.
A. Mr. Junaedi live. C. Leo like
B. Leo doesn't like. D. I don't like
82. Budi : Hello, this is Budi.
Sam : Hi, Budi. Are you doing anything at the moment ?
Budi : No, why ?
Sam : .......
Budi : Ok. Pick me up !
A. Let's go swimming C. Swim has long as you can
B. Please have a swim D. Let's stop swimming
83. Iwan : How shall we arrange these chairs ?
Bayu : We could put them in groups at ten to twelve with a small table in the middle
Zaeky : What do you think, Yudi ?
Yudi : That’s fine.
The underlined words in the dialogue above mean that .....
A. Zaeky agreed with Yudi C. Iwan agreed to Bayu
B. Yudi agreed with Bayu D. Bayu agreed to Iwan
84. Ditha : You're going to be our headmastcr, aren't you Mr. Kurnia ?
Teacher : That's right.
Ditha : ...... you on your promotion.
Teacher : Thank you, Ditha. Thank you very much.
A. Let me ask you for C. May I congratulate
B. Can you be successful D. Wish me luck
85. Nano : Hi, Tati! How are you ?
Tati : Fine, thank you. And you ?
Nano : Very well, thank you. How is your mother
Tati : She is sick.
Nano : .......
A. I'm glad to hear that. C. I'm nice to see you.
B. I'm sorry to hear that. D. I'm pleased to hear that.
86. Tina : Is this your pencil ?
Irma : Yes, it is.
Tina : I need it. May I borrow it ?
Irma : ..... here you are.
A. fine B. good C. nice D. okey
87. Yanuar : Can you help me, Ren ?
Rendra : Yes, what can I do for you ?
Yanuar : I can't reach the books on the top shelf..... please
Rendra : Of course.
A. Would you open the door.
B. Can you sit down.
C. Could you bring the chair.
D. Will you go now.
88. Juneth : Hello, Rita. How are you ?
Rita : Very well, thank you. And you ?
Juneth : Quite well, thanks.
Very well" means .....
A. fine B. kind C. sad D. bad
89. Nanna : Dad, I'd like to introduce my friend, Indra.
Father : How do you do, Indra ?
Indra : ......
A. How do you do C. How are you
B. I'm very glad D. I don't think so
90. Itha : Where are the magazines, Madam ?
Librarian : They are on the shelves near the table.
Itha : ...... madam.
A. I think so C. Oh, there
B. Thank you D. I see
91. They can't win the game .....
A. and we aren't either C. and we can't either
B. and we don't other D. and we either don't
92. They refuse to go there.......
A. and so do we C. and we did too
B. and neither did we D. and we don’t either
93. ...... and so do I
A. he went to school yesterday C. he is going to school now
B. he has already gone to school D. he goes to school every day
94. ...... and neither did Ira
A. Dian doesn't drink the milk C. Dian hasn't drunk the milk
B. Dian didn't drink the milk D. Dian is going to drink the milk
95. ....... And Jack does too.
A. Jane didn't lose her pen C. Jane lost her pen
B. Jane loses her pen D. Jane doesn't lose her pen.
96. In business, to pay with ..... is much safer than by cash.
A. cash B. Cheque C. interest D. security
97. If the birth rate is higher than the mortality rate,the number .of population will.
A. stop B. increase C. drop D. slow down.
98. The leader of this club is called president.
The italic words similar with ......
A. member B. friend C. chief D. Student
99. The opposite of special is .....
A. general B. un known C. particular D. Impossible
100. If someone belongs to a club. He is a ..... of the club.
A. sponsor B. friend C. member D. owner

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