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kumpulan soal ujian secapa polri : 02. Bahasa Inggris

I. Direction for questions 1-50 Select the corn et answer mark you answer sheet

1. I am very thirsty, because I …….from my house
a. Have run
b. Was running
c. I am running
d. I am going to run
2. Please, never tell to anybody………….
a. Will you?
b. Will every body?
c. Does he?
d. Do you?
3. Change this sentence to negative. Frank knows that word
a. Isn’t he?
b. Frank did not know the word
c. Frank isn’t know the word
d. Frank doesn’t know the word
4. Everybody work hard every day….
a. Isn’t he?
b. Doesn’t it?
c. Don’t they?
d. Don’t you?
5. What would you like to drink?
I’II have…..Please
a. A coffee cup
b. Small coffee
c. Little coffee
d. A cup of coffee

6. Change this sentence to negative. Polices are investigating the case now
a. The police not investigating the case now
b. The police doesn’t investigating the case now
c. The police aren’t investigating the case now
d. The police don’t investigating the case now
7. Change this sentence to negative. Mr. Haris taught this same English last night.
a. Mr. Haris doesn’t taught this same English last night
b. Mr. Haris didn’t teach this same English last night
c. Mr. Haris don’t teach this same English last night
d. Mr. Haris did’t taught this same English last night
8. Change this sentence to negative. She was convieted of the theft
a. She was convicted of the theft
b. She was not convicted of the theft
c. She is not convicted of the theft
d. She was convicted of the theft
9. These shoes look good. I would like to try ……on
a. It
b. This
c. It is
d. Them
10. Small mountaineers lost their way in the forest…..?
a. Lost they?
b. Did they?
c. Don’t they?
d. Didn’t they?
11. I haven’t heard from Dian……
a. Since many months before
b. For many months
c. For many months ago
d. Since along time
12. Mita…..us to wait
a. Advises
b. Advice
c. Advise
d. Advised
13. The police caught Mr. Jack whose son robbed the bank
Who robber the bank?
a. The police’s son did
b. Mr. Jack
c. The police did
d. The son of Mr. Jack did
14. Ani : “What were you doing when the teacher came in”
Ina : “…….”
a. I was sweeping the floor
b. She was painting the window
c. She was ringing the bell
d. You were reading the book
15. I …….your apology
a. Accept
b. Expect
c. Accepting
d. Excepting
16. When Andri came to my house….lunch
a. Was having
b. Will have
c. I am having
d. Were having
17. Everyone will go….Jean
a. Excepting
b. Expect
c. Accept
d. Accepting
18. The fire……faulty wiring
a. Result
b. Result in
c. Result from
d. Result on
19. My mother ……this electric iron for five years
a. Have used
b. Was using
c. Is going to use
d. Has been using
20. Where is the stove now that you bought yesterday?
The color didn’t match, so I …….it to the store
a. Return
b. Had returned
c. Returned
d. Did returned
21. …….have you finish this work?
a. How much
b. How far
c. How long
d. How many
22. Ririn is a student and Lia is too…..are SMA students
a. We
b. They
c. You
d. You and I
23. The investigator ……the document before asking the suspect some questions
a. Laundched out
b. Nosed around
c. Looked into
d. Look around
24. …….? Because it rained
a. How did he came here
b. When did he come
c. Who come here
d. Why didn’t he come
25. ……is he? He is a doctor
a. How
b. Whose
c. Whom
d. What
26. …….does he comes here? He came here or foot
a. How
b. Why
c. What
d. When
27. You have to get your car……as soen as possible
a. To repair
b. Repaired
c. Is repaired
d. Repairing
28. There are twenty two boys the yard. One of them has ball and now…..
a. He is playing football
b. They were playing football
c. They are playing football
d. She is playing football
29. I don’t enjoy…….in crowded store
a. To shop
b. Shopping
c. Being shop
d. To be shopping
30. …..? A book
a. Have you bought a book already?
b. What have you already bought?
c. Where have you already bought a book?
d. When have you already bought a book?
31. ……does she see at school? Tasya does
a. Who
b. How
c. Whom
d. How many
32. She doesn’t know…..
a. How he is tall
b. How tall is he
c. How is he tall
d. How tall he is
33. She is my friend …….old is she?
a. How
b. How many
c. Who
d. Whom
34. …..one do you want, the pencil or the pen
a. Who
b. Whom
c. Which
d. What
35. Did you remember …….the door? No. I didn’t. I’d better go back and do it now
a. Locking
b. To lock
c. Lock
d. Locked
36. I bought the present for…..
a. Mine
b. Her
c. Yours
d. Hers
37. The children may not ……the house a night
a. Left
b. Leave
c. Leaves
d. Live
38. The competitions ……..be finished tomorrow evening
a. Will
b. Would
c. Can
d. Could
39. The mail elerk didn’t bring …….packing today
a. None
b. Any
c. Some
d. No
40. Mother knew that father…..came late
a. I will
b. Would
c. Can
d. Could
41. There……..many people in the auditorium now
a. Were
b. is
c. was
d. are
42. Mr. Ismail …….in Toraja last week
a. Was
b. is
c. are
d. were
43. ………the Rubbens flying to Jakarta tomorrow morning?
a. is
b. Were
c. Do
d. Are
44. There was ………car accident in front of the post office
a. an
b. the
c. a
d. is
45. The earth goes round …………………sun
a. a
b. there
c. the
d. an
46. …………….lady wearing a white blouse is very charming
a. The
b. An
c. A
d. There
47. Exercise are always good……………our health
a. with
b. for
c. in
d. to
48. The usually watch TV……………….the evening
a. at
b. in
c. on
d. to
49. He has been away from home……….wo weeks
a. In
b. with
c. for
d. since
50. The plane arrived …….the airport two hours late
a. to
b. at
c. on
d. in

II. Dirctions for 51 – 100 Choose (T) for true or (F) for false and answer on your answer sheet

51. Andri like to spent his time in the library, in the Biology laboratory at the soccer games
52. Slamet likes fishing, swimming an run
53. Mother goes the market an hour ago
54. Julia has decided to go neither to Jakarta nor to Bandung
55. Neither the parents nor the children enjoy the program
56. There is something wrong. Is there?
57. Getting a driver’s license is something dificcult
58. Before getting driver license, you must pass a test
59. Brigadir Amiruddin asked my friend and I about the time
60. Andrew had been playing in the band for several months
61. Criminals lie when they about his burglaries
62. Ahmad is close friend. I ask him to come to my party yesterday
63. The thief was lied about his burglaries
64. The number of children in school are increasing
65. I don’t hear many news about the murder
66. Remind me to pay electric bill]
67. Leslie liked to walk the office
68. The teacher is teaching English yesterday
69. my sons didn’t found time to study last night
70. Vincent didn’t walk to the office
71. I shall telephone you now
72. The policeman alone has been looking for a very cruel criminal
73. The students are all set for the examination
74. Hafid has speaks English since he was Brigadir
75. John spent his money instead of putting it a the bank
76. An old maid was mistreated by her master
77. How long has you speaking English?
78. If I were in this place I, would forget everything
79. Evelyn likes hiking, swimming, and bieyeling
80. He told the truth, after the police had ask him
81. He would have come if you had ask him
82. Umar had been studying English before he move to New York
83. I meet him when he was crossing the street
84. I shall have been mary be next week
85. She started giving a long exclamation to the police
86. By Christmas wont has been working in this office
87. The nuclear threat is frightening
88. He speaking English as clearly as an English man
89. You have finished the report, haven’t you?
90. When I was child I can play tennis
91. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west
92. English is teaches in police school
93. The witness whom I told you is here
94. Work hard will get much money
95. The police asked me to use safety belt while I was driving
96. The police stand in front of the station is Brigadir Hasan
97. Mr. Chairil plays tennis the worst of all players
98. Do you want to borrow the book is showed to you yesterday
99. The instructor explained the lesson more clearly than you did
100. There were many people in the auditorium

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